Popular English learning applications

Hello English is a free grammar learning application, while Memrise is learning English vocabulary through a treasure hunt game.

Tips before downloading the application

- Identify strengths and weaknesses: Try to find your own weaknesses and download applications that help improve. For example, if you can read and understand English but have trouble speaking, refer to an application that allows you to practice speaking with native speakers.

- Do not download too much: When reading this article, you will want to download all the applications listed on your mobile device. However, hugging many things at a time never works. First skim through the whole article, make note of some essential apps and choose 1-2 apps you are most satisfied with.

- Turn on notifications: After downloading, turn on the notification of the application to be reminded to learn every day.

- Note: During the application learning process, write down useful information such as grammar rules, pronunciation tips in the "Notes" section of your phone. In your free time, you can read notes to practice and memorize.

Grammar learning application

1. Hello English: Learn English (iOS / Android)

Hello English designed interface easy to use and suitable for those who are learning English or weak. Application of detailed information about grammar rules, connecting learners with online teachers to ask questions and get help. The application is set in 20 languages, suitable for learners in many countries that do not use English as their native language.

The application comes with voice recognition software, audio dictionary, interactive lessons and training game. From there, learners not only learn grammar but also have the opportunity to practice listening, speaking, reading and improve their vocabulary.

2. English Grammar Book (iOS / Android)

If the learner feels the best grammar approach is to study in the textbook, then using the English Grammar Book is the right choice. Learners can study by topic or level. The lectures are presented in a simple and easy to understand manner. After each lesson is a game for students to review.

Vocabulary learning application

1. Memrise (iOS / Android)

Designed as a video game, Memrise helps learners improve their vocabulary through a journey to find treasure. The vocabulary provided is often used in everyday life, helpful for learners to communicate normally.

2. Word of the Day - Vocabulary Builder (iOS / Android)

Every day, the application will suggest learners a new word with synonyms, antonyms and usage context. Learners can keep track of words, practice how to use them as they become proficient and form the habit of learning a new word every day. If you apply this method, you will earn at least 365 new words a year.

Application to learn speaking skills

1. HelloTalk (iOS / Android)

If you don't practice speaking English with others, your skills will not improve much. And if you can't find a partner to practice speaking, use the HelloTalk application. On this application, you can search, connect with native English speakers and chat with them by text message, audio message or video call.

2. Speaky (iOS / Android)

Like HelloTalk, Speaky is an app that connects foreign language learners worldwide. First, select the target language is English, set the level corresponding to the current level. After that, the application will recommend some suitable users and you can chat with them immediately.

Application to learn reading skills

Book Dash (Android / online)

Reading children is a useful way to practice foreign languages ​​and have fun. The Book Dash app provides more than 200 free children's books on an increasingly difficult level.

Application to learn writing skills

1. Grammarly Keyboard (iOS / Android)

When writing English text, the Grammarly Keyboard app will help you check for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. In case you use vocabulary that does not match the context, the application will suggest alternative words.

Whether you're texting a friend or writing an email to a colleague, the app can help you create text that fits your context. Keep an eye out for errors, try not to repeat to improve your writing.

2. Prompted Journal (iOS / Android)

To practice writing English every day, establish a habit of journaling. Practicing everyday writing will help you practice your thinking skills in English, find more attractive ways of expression, and write well. If you do not know what to write about, the Prompted Journal application will suggest topics and situations for you to generate inspiration, and ideas for writing.

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