There are three companies in Germany, France, and Poland that send letters of guarantee by name, Mr. Ngu Dung confidently passed the visa. But in the end, he failed.
After choosing a school and receiving an offer of admission, you need to determine who you are in order to prepare the financial minimum of 6,720 euros. Choose a school Whether studying in Finland on a scholarship or self-sufficient basis, the first thing you need to do is choose a school. If accepted, the school will send you an offer of admission. This is an indispensable document in the student visa application for Finland.
According to a study by the World Cooperation and Development Organization, Finnish education ranks number 1 in the world according to the knowledge standard. This makes Finland a promising land that attracts millions of international students from every year. From there, the need to learn how to apply for a Finnish student visa is therefore increasing. But among a lot of information shared online, what is the best way to apply for a student visa in Finland right and fast?
Applying for a visa is always a top concern for travelers who are planning for an upcoming foreign trip, especially to European countries. Please pocket the following Schengen visa application tips to see this is no longer a problem.
Switzerland is the cradle of the hospitality industry, which is always the top destination for international students. Studying in Switzerland is always the first choice for those who love Europe and want to explore Europe. So what do you understand about Switzerland's Schengen Visa.
The UK has long been famous for its modern education and has brought remarkable achievements on the international stage. Therefore, studying in the UK is the dream of many young people today. However, the problem of applying for a UK student visa is not easy if there is no careful preparation from the first steps. Understanding these difficulties of new international students, VALINK would like to share some valuable experiences gained from students who have passed the UK student visa application and are currently studying abroad in the UK. national.
Documents and procedures for applying for a French Visa are always the most difficult problem for any student who wants to study abroad. Today's article, EduViet would like to send you the article about the applications and procedures for applying for a Phap visa so that the results are the most successful. After the interview at Campus France, the students will take the final step is to apply for a French visa, that you have almost completed the plan to study in France. Before applying for a visa, please note the following:
What are the documents for a student visa to France? Is the procedure for applying for a French Student Visa difficult? These are questions that you always ask for International Students. Procedures for application for a French student visa 2020 Summary of French student visa? How long does it take to get a visa to France? Procedures for applying for a French student visa?
Issuing a visa for a foreigner to study in France is not easy because this is a country with strict rules on residence and immigration. If you have ever dropped a French student visa, it will be very difficult for the next visa applications. So, with 15 years of experience in studying abroad, sends you 6 steps to apply for a French student visa, avoiding the case of dropping a French student visa for unworthy reasons.
Visa, also known as entry visa, is an important type of certificate issued by the government to foreigners when they want to enter the country for a certain purpose. Thus, to live, study or work in France, you need to apply for a student visa to France to be able to set foot in this country and carry out your plans. So, the question is is it difficult to get a French student visa?

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