To strengthen the immune system, you need to eat well, be physically active, avoid stress, get enough sleep, quit smoking and avoid drinking too much alcohol.
Health trends that help people find calm, relaxation, and balance between work and life will prevail in 2024, according to experts.
Surgiform cartilage rhinoplasty helps limit the slippage that causes the tip of the nose to appear or perforation, but is only suitable for those who have a complete artificial cartilage rhinoplasty.
Maintaining a healthy weight, diet and lifestyle can help promote bone health. Dr. Melody Hrubes, a Sports Medicine doctor at Rothman Orthopedic Institute, USA, said the ages of 30, 40 and 50 are opportunities for people to correct bad habits that affect bone health.
NEW RESEARCH finds that a regular, quality sleep schedule can slow down the biological aging process.
BELGIUM mRNA technology can be applied to produce vaccines to prevent pathogens such as seasonal flu, Covid-19 and shingles, reducing the global health burden.
Combining many exercises at the same time, focusing on cardio to reduce body fat, weights, balls, and cables are the three principles of gym training that help Truong Thi Kim Dung possess firm, healthy and beautiful abdominal muscles.
Sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables, nuts, fish high in omega-3, dark chocolate, cucumbers and watermelon are foods that help protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.
NEW RESEARCH from Harvard University shows that people who eat more than 2 servings of red meat per week (equivalent to 140 g) have a higher risk of type 2 diabetes than people who consume less.
Lotus seeds are good for digestion, cardiovascular health, sexual health and pregnant women, helping to lose weight, sleep well, relax, lower blood sugar, prevent oxygen, and reduce inflammation.

This year 131 international organizations, from 73 countries, partnered with the PRA in Washington, D.C., and its Hernando De Soto Fellow Prof. Sary Levy-Carciente to produce the 17th edition of the IPRI..
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