Discover the most glamorous and open-minded destinations in Europe-Travel

These are destinations that not only have beautiful scenery and architecture, but also where everyone lives in harmony in harmony, regardless of culture, religion, gender...

This historic Belgian city is considered the best place to visit and is also a cosmopolitan city. With the best quality of life and one of the countries with the highest human development index in Europe (health, education, security...), Leuven is an open, multicultural city full of openness. and impressive, a place that celebrates diversity and cultural richness.

Amsterdam has welcomed millions of visitors from all over the world for the past 30 years. The Dutch are very open-minded, they are defenders of freedom but also lovers of nature, simple things.

No destination in Europe is more cosmopolitan than London. There are people of French, Indian, Russian, American, Belgian, Armenian descent… More than a third of Londoners are foreigners and the city has over 250 different nationalities as well as nearly 300 different languages ​​spoken. . Some neighborhoods are dedicated to a community like China Town, gay quarters, etc. and this mix is ​​ubiquitous in London.

Olso is one of the most cosmopolitan destinations in Europe. The city is the commercial, banking, industrial and shipping center of Norway. Oslo is a pilot city of the Council of Europe and the intercultural cities program of the European Commission. Oslo is considered a global city and is ranked as a "Beta World City". It is also ranked number one for quality of life among major European cities.

Germany is one of the European countries that welcomes the most expats, and its robust economic situation and quality of life suggest that this choice is the best choice to ensure mobility. Catholic. Munich will be the starting point for your stay in Germany. Don't miss a visit to the most beautiful castles and beaches in Germany.

Rated by Forbes USA as one of the best destinations to live and invest in Europe, Braga is an international destination and one of the continent's most dynamic cities. The largest cultural, economic and architectural projects are carried out in Braga, the same world of technology, innovation and entertainment products.

Pleasant and multicultural, Austria is also a perfect destination for families looking for the safest destinations in Europe because of its low crime rate, as well as the comfort of minorities. , they are there without judgment. It is this openness that also makes Vienna one of the friendliest destinations in Europe.

Sibiu is one of the most open cities in Europe. Recognized for its quality of life, slow and sustainable tourism development, focus on heritage protection, green space development, Sibiu is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Romania.

Grenoble is considered one of the trendiest destinations in France, a pioneering, innovative and inspiring city, a destination where anything is possible. A city of art and history, Grenoble is also a city of street art.

Malmö is an open, dynamic, creative and youthful destination as half of the population is under the age of 30. As Sweden's southernmost city, Malmö is a connected and world-facing destination. with neighboring Denmark by one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe, connecting the city with Copenhagen.

It has a large number of different nationalities, shops from all over the world, restaurants with African, Asian, Indian flavors, colorful markets, typical events. Multicultural event or Provence region, Marseille is the mecca of multiculturalism in France.

The capital of Georgia is one of the most cosmopolitan and open-minded destinations in Europe. For centuries, Jews, Muslims, and Catholics have lived together in this astonishingly rich cultural and architectural capital. Don't miss visiting the Opera house, castle, synagogue and sublime mosque, or even the fascinating "Tilt Clock Tower"….

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